Журнал клинической и экспериментальной офтальмологии

Журнал клинической и экспериментальной офтальмологии
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ISSN: 2155-9570


A Case of IgG4-related Orbitopathy

Leilei Qin, Hong Qin, Nan Wang, Fuling Liu

IgG4-related disease is an immune-mediated disorder affecting almost all major organs of the body. A 62-year-old male, who was diagnosed with an orbital tumor and a nasal-orbital communicating tumor of the left eye, underwent endoscopic endonasal removal of the orbital tumor and fenestration of the ethmoid sinus. The tumor originated in the orbital tissue and showed pathological changes associated with IgG4-positive chronic inflammation. He was diagnosed with IgG4-related orbital disease. At 4 months of follow-up after surgery, there was no recurrence.