Журнал молекулярной патологии и биохимии

Журнал молекулярной патологии и биохимии
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A Dream for the Fate of Genomics Research

Noah Flynn

The finishing of a great, far reaching grouping of the human genome, in this 50th commemoration year of the revelation of the twofold helical design of DNA, is a milestone occasion. The genomic time is presently a reality. In pondering a dream for the fate of genomics research; it is fitting to consider the wonderful way that has brought us here. The roll fold shows a course of events of milestone achievements in hereditary qualities and genomics, starting with Gregor Mendel's disclosure of the laws of heredity and their rediscovery in the beginning of the 20th century. Acknowledgment of DNA as the inherited material, assurance of its structure, clarification of the hereditary code4, advancement of recombinant DNA technologies, and foundation of progressively automatable techniques for DNA sequencing set up for the Human Genome Project (HGP) to start in 1990. Because of the vision of the first organizers, and the inventiveness and assurance of an army of gifted researchers who chose to make this venture their general concentration, each of the underlying goals of the HGP have now been accomplished something like two years in front of assumption, and an upset in natural examination has started.