Журнал политических наук и связей с общественностью

Журнал политических наук и связей с общественностью
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ISSN: 2332-0761


A Focus on Kenya Nationalism and the Bottlenecks it has Faced since Independence to Date

David Sande

Kenya as a nation was initially brought together through the spirit of nationalism to tame colonial rule and attains sovereignty. The existence of diverse backgrounds in terms of ideals, ethnicity, religion and political affiliations are causal factors for the fluctuations of the country’s state of nationalism. This paper thus aims at discussing the contemporary state of nationalism in Kenya since independence to date, and the bottlenecks she has faced in her quest to achieve it. They include negative ethnicity, poor governance, and lack of democracy, corruption, social inequality and marginalization. The paper elucidates on the remedies to the aforementioned grievances. Lastly, the paper concludes that the existence of poor governance, poor social services and lack of democracy have a direct correlation to the threat of the Kenyan nationalism.