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A Statistical Analysis of Working Status of Micro-Enterprises in District Industries Center of Gadag, Karnataka

Hanumant Bhajantri*

The micro, small, and medium enterprise sector are crucial to creating employment and enhancing income in developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. In India, the micro-enterprise industry has many issues regarding finances, skills, managing enterprises, marketing, etc. The government of India introduced a free registration policy under District Industries Centres (DICs) to address these issues and promote this sector. Thousands of enterprises will register as entrepreneurs annually in different parts of India. However, after the registration, these enterprises are currently working or not whether they exist or not. There is no study on the current working status of micro-enterprises registered as micro-enterprises under the udyoga aadhaar portal in DIC. The present paper attempts to analyze the number of registered micro-enterprises under District Industries Centres (DICs) and examine the current working status of micro-enterprises. The researcher collected primary data from 84 registered micro-enterprises under the udyoga aadhaar portal in District Industries Centres (DICs) in the Gadag district of Karnataka, and secondary information from DICs and the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises, government of India. The researcher used simple random sampling methods and cross tabulation statistics for data collection and analysis. The study found that 63 out of 84 micro-enterprises are currently working, but 21 are not existing and have closed their enterprise activity due to insufficient financial, training, and marketing assistance from DIC. The study suggests the government should evaluate DICs effectively. They should serve adequately and benefits actual beneficiaries. The aim of governments is not only to register enterprises freely under the udoyga aadhaar portal is also to preserve enterprises that have already registered.