Журнал наномедицинских и биотерапевтических открытий

Журнал наномедицинских и биотерапевтических открытий
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ISSN: 2155-983X


Advances of Nanotechnology for Improvement of Oral Bioavailability of Antihypertensive Drugs

Monawara Begum*, Bishnu Prasad Sharma, Asif Choudhury

Conventional route of drug administration is contemplate supported the on the location at which drug is applied. It concerned oral intravenous, ophthalmic etc. Among them oral route of drug administration is the most convenient route of drug delivery because it extends high patient compliance. At an equivalent time, poor metabolic stability and therefore poor liquid solubility of medication are major disadvantages in oral drug delivery. There are various approaches to beat the issue associated with poor aqueous soluble drugs. Among many approaches nanotechnology has gained potential to beat this among challenges mainly associated with Conventional route of administration. The application of these nanotechnology based systems in the treatment of hypertension goes forward. Nanotechnology has gained inflated attention for delivering therapeutic agents effectively to the circulatory system. Heart targeted nano carrier primarily based drug delivery may be a new, effective and efficacious approach for treating numerous internal organ connected disorders like induration of the arteries, cardiovascular disease, and infarct. Nano carrier primarily based drug delivery system circumvents the issues related to standard drug delivery systems, together with their no specificity, severe aspect effects and injury to the conventional cells. Modification of chemical science properties of Nano carriers like size, form and surface modifications will vastly alter its in vivo pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics information and can offer higher treatment strategy. Many nano carriers like super molecule, lipoid nanoparticles are developed for delivering medicine to the target sites among the center. This review summarizes and will increase the understanding of the advanced nano sized drug delivery systems for treating vessel disorders with the promising use of engineering science. The present review focuses on varied Nano carriers offered in oral drug administration for rising solubility profile, dissolution, and consequently bioavailability of hydrophobic medication drugs.