Журнал рыболовства и аквакультуры

Журнал рыболовства и аквакультуры
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ISSN: 2150-3508


An Economic Analysis of Fish Production of SHG's and Fishermen cooperative groups in Mungeli District of Chhattisgarh

Rohit Kumar Sahu, Ajay Tegar, Mukesh Kumar Anant

Fisheries sector has an important role in Indian economy, as it provide more than 2.8 cores job directly or indirectly to the primary level fishers and fish farmers. Globally the aquaculture production raised by triple in weight which was 34 MT to 112 MT from 1997 to 2017. In India this sector contributing 7.8% of agriculture’s GDP. In Chhattisgarh about 2.20 lakh of persons are employed in fisheries sector and most of them are belongs to the under privileged section of society. Fish production in Chhattisgarh has increased by the average of 315% from the base year 2007-08 to current year 2020-21. The study was conducted in the Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh. Mungeli and Pathariya blocks were selected for the study. Based on the performance, 4 SHG’s and 4 Fishermen cooperative groups were identified and total of 40 and 112 respondents were interviewed by pre-tested questionnaire respectively. It was found that the total cost incurred by SHG’s and Fishermen cooperative groups per hectare was Rs. 47658.73 and Rs. 60354.00 respectively. The average production of fish was found to be 18.15 and 27.90 quintals with a net return of Rs. 151991.27 and Rs. 260496.00 per hectare, having a B:C ratio of 1:3.18 and 1:4.31 in SHG’s and Fishermen cooperative groups respectively.