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An Unwanted Postpartum Gift: The Issue of Retained Vaginal Sponges and Gauzes after Vaginal Birth

Hector Chapa

Gossyphiboma refers to surgical items, including surgical gauzes and sponges, unintentionally left inside a patient during a surgical or other invasive procedure. The exact incidence is unknown as wide underreporting is suspected. Published evidence places the incidents between 1/7000 to 1/100 surgical procedures. It is been estimated that there are 1500 to 2000 retained surgical item cases a year in the United States. The incidence of retained surgical items is also linked to decreased patient satisfaction scores regarding the respective admission. The collection of patient satisfaction surveys for healthcare facilities in the US is not a new concept. Medicare began publishing patient satisfaction scores on its Hospital Compare website in 2008. Additionally, under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services “value-based purchasing” proposal, Medicare introduced withholding of 1% of its payments to hospitals based on the facilities’ patient satisfaction scores. For this reason, along with the desire to pursue quality patient acre, healthcare institutions are focusing on the prevention of retained surgical items. While much of the attention has historically been in the main operating theater, new focus has been placed on the prevention of retained items in the Labor and Delivery Suites.