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Anencephalic Twins: Rare Occurrence in Twin Pregnancy

Temesgen Tilahun and Hailemariam Segni

Anencephaly is a uniformly lethal and untreatable condition which is characterized by absence of cerebral hemisphere and cranial vault above the base of the skull and orbits. It requires termination of pregnancy soon after the diagnosis is made. It can be diagnosed in the late first trimester, and with adequate visualization, virtually all cases may be diagnosed in the second trimester. Anencephaly occurs more frequently in twin pregnancies than in singletons. It is usually discordant in twin pregnancy. This usually creates management dilemma for the attending obstetrician. Twin anencephaly is a very rare event. We report this case as it is very rare occurrence in twin pregnancy. The case also demonstrates the importance of early ultrasound examination for pregnant mothers so as to pick this lethal malformation and terminate the pregnancy earlier which in turn minimizes potential maternal morbidity and mortality.