Журнал клинической токсикологии

Журнал клинической токсикологии
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Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oil of an Endemic Plant in Morocco, Impatiens balsamina

El Mostaphi A, El Hartiti H, Barrahi M and Ouhssine M

The purpose of this present work is to study the yield of the essential oil of an aromatic and endemic plant I. balsamina. Additionally, we intend to determine the chemical composition of the essential oil stemming from this species, as well as the determination of its antibacterial activity towards five microorganisms. Our samples result from Morocco, mainly from region Marrakech. 13 constituents were identified by chromatographic analysis (GC) in essential oil of this plant among which 3 are preponderant: β–thujone (66.75%), camphor (17.52%), and camphene (1.67%). The yield in essential oil of the Impatiens balsamina is in the order of 1,2% (mg/100 g). The essential oil of Impatiens balsamina showed a significant antimicrobial activity against all seHerbal medicine has a long history in the treatment of several types of diseases. Their use for the treatment of the disease has been practiced by man for many years and is still widely practiced even today. For many years, people have developed a stock of empirical information about the therapeutic values ​​of local plants prior to the appearance of orthodox medicine. Through periods of trial, error and success, these herbalists and their apprentices have accumulated a large body of knowledge about medicinal plants [1].ven tested species of bacteria. To the best of our knowledge.