Журнал геологии и геофизики

Журнал геологии и геофизики
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ISSN: 2381-8719


Application of Well Logging Techniques for Identification of Coal Seams: A Case Study of Auranga Coalfield, Latehar District, Jharkhand State, India

Srinaiah J, Raju D, Udayalaxmi G and Ramadass G

Application of well logging techniques comprising density, short normal resistivity, long normal resistivity, resistance, self-potential, natural gamma and calliper logs from five wells in Auranga coal field Jharkhand state India, were (The analysis was) carried out to evaluate the fields coal seams prospect i.e. identify lithology and study physical properties based on log data from the five boreholes. We have been identified from combined signatures of available physical properties logs against coal seams and non-coal litho units. Data was acquired and interpreted by software’s Robertson geologging win logger and Well cad software (Version 6.3) respectively. The coal seams are in between shale or sandstone.