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Журнал психологии и психотерапии
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ISSN: 2161-0487


Appraisal, Coping and Negative Affect: Comparative Evaluation between Typically Developing and Children with High-Functioning Autism

Shilpi Sharma

Children with High Functioning Autism(HFA) have been argued to use faulty appraisals and avoidance patterns of coping behaviour in negative and stressful social situations, but the research evidence is limited. The current study investigated the role of cognitive appraisals and coping behaviour in relation to negative emotions and social adjustment in children with HFA and typically developing (TD) children. Results from the current study made a valuable contribution to the existing, under-developed literature by confirming results from previous study on significant differences between TD and HFA groups for cognitive appraisals of emotion-focused coping potential, problem-focused coping potential, future expectancy and self-accountability as well as for the negative emotions of guilt, sadness and fear. Scores for frequency and perceived effectiveness of avoidance and approach coping and social adjustment were also significantly different. Another unique finding from this study was on significant associations between appraisals and emotions, appraisals and coping; and coping and social adjustment. These findings provide useful insights into the various facets of the emotional and cognitive experiences of children with HFA