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Журнал психологии и психотерапии
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Aspects of Sexual Dysfunctions: The Phenomenon of Veganism's

Stoicescu Karin

Sexual disorders, especially the sexual dysfunctions are a very interesting field to explore. I studied many years during my Psychology University Degree the sexuality theme, and also I have been to several workshops about sexuality; but I become more interested in this topic when I started work with patients disclosing their own sexual issues. I will present the sex therapy and the behavioral approach to sexual dysfunctions and vaginismus, different perspectives on the sexuality theme and I will contrast and compare to the Existential approach to sexuality. One of the main arguments will be how various approaches can help a patient with sexual dysfunctions and I will highlight how sex therapy has some positive outcome to vaginismus, but also how sex therapy is concern about the genitals rather on the whole individual worldview. The existential approach to human sexuality will help the patient clarifying and exploring the entire sexual issue and making sense to his being and sexual being in the world. Someone that rejects sexual intercourse, must not be viewed as a patient with sexual dysfunctions or disorders; instead we must understand what the symptoms are telling to our patients and explore together not by eliminating the symptom, but exploring it. I will present in a more in-depth analysis to the sexual dysfunctions, and the therapy plan and the Existential approach and how the approach helped my patients to overcome their sexual dilemmas. I will explore the different kinds of approaches to sexual dysfunctions; first, by understanding the medical problem and how applying the right approach to sexual issues can make a positive outcome in therapy in seeing patients with sexual problems.