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Assessment of Level of Satisfaction towards Institutional Delivery among Postnatal Women in Dilla Health Institutions, Southern Ethiopia

Tadios Niguss

Background: Maternal satisfaction is a complex term which consists of a multiple scope of satisfaction, as patients may be satisfied with one aspect of care but not with another, and experience may change across various care providers’ components and it is one of the most frequently reported outcome measures for quality of care. Very few studies concerned with maternal satisfaction on institutional delivery among postnatal mothers were documented; even those documented studies did not use appropriate design and use small sample size, and were not on SNNPR, Ethiopia, so this study intended to assess the level of maternal’ satisfaction towards institutional delivery services among postnatal mothers in Dilla town, SNNPR, Ethiopia. Objectives: To assess level of satisfaction and associated factors towards institutional delivery among postnatal women in Dilla health institutions, 2019 GC. Methods: Institutional based cross sectional descriptive study was conducted from February 01 to March 30, 2020 G.C at Dilla health institutions. After pre-testing a structured quantitative tool, it was applied on 181 study subjects using interviewer administered questionnaire enrolled by a simple random sampling technique to get the necessary data. Data was checked, coded and entered to SPSS for analysis. Descriptive statistic was presented using text, figures and tables. The association between variables was analyzed with bivariate and multi variable logistic regression. A statistical significance was declared at p value <0.05, with 95% confidence interval. Result: A total number of 181 study participants participated in the present study yielding a response rate of 96.3%. The mean age of the participants was 30 years (SD=8 years). 69.6% of mothers were satisfied by institutional delivery service given at the health facility whereas 30.4% of the respondents dissatisfied by institutional delivery service given at the health facility. Conclusion and recommendation: Maternal satisfaction towards institutional delivery among postnatal women in Dilla health institution was found to be 69.6%. Maternal age, educational status of the mother, waiting time to get the service, status of pregnancy and maternal condition after delivery were the factor that are significantly associated with maternal satisfaction towards institutional delivery. Zonal health bureau in collaboration with the zonal educational bureau should motivate and deliver formal education for all women who have not attended formal education.