Журнал молекулярной визуализации и динамики

Журнал молекулярной визуализации и динамики
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ISSN: 2155-9937


Association between Sickle Cell Disease and Dental Caries among Sudanese Children

Amal H Abuaffan

Background: Sickle cell disease is an autosomal recessive hemoglobinopathy predominant among Afro-descendants, and has been categorized as a public health issue as it affects a significant percentage of the world’s population. The aim of this study is to determine the association of dental caries among Sudanese sickle cell disease children in relation to healthy controls children.

Methods: dmft and DMFT were recorded for 212 sickle cell disease children aged 3-15 years old, matched with 212 control healthy children in Khartoum, Sudan. Statistical analysis was done using statistical software SPSS 17.5 version. Chi square test was used for the comparison of study and control groups, the level of significance was set at p

Results: dmft was significant among age group 4-6 and 7-11 years old while DMFT was only significant among group 12-14 years old sickle cell disease. There is highly significant association exists in dmft and DMF. Sickle cell disease group is 1.115 likely to have present component in dmft when compared to control group and 1.82 likely to have present component of DMFT when compared to control group.

Conclusion: Sudanese sickle cell disease children had high prevalence of dental caries than the healthy children. Establishment of frequent dental examination schedule for sickle cell disease children, including preventive dental care and promoting oral hygiene practices with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash are recommended.