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Журнал клеточной науки и терапии
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Bone Marrow Cells Influences for Function of Rat Decidua

Mikhailov VM, Domnina AP, Sokolova AV, Rozanov JM, Kaminskaya KV and Nikolsky NN

Background: In this article we described the influence of transplantation of pregnant rat BMC to pregnant rats of the same date of pregnancy to study the influence on fetus’s development.

Methods: To study we made a single intravenous transplantation of BMC of pregnant rats of 4-5, 7-8 or 11, 12 days to pregnant rats of the same date of pregnancy. The analyses were made at 18th day of pregnancy.

Results: The transplantation of rat BMC at 4, 5 pregnant days increases pre- and post-implantation death of fetuses without change of their weight and weight of placentas. The transplantation of BMC after implantation at 7, 8, 9 days of pregnancy during gastrulation increased the weight of 18th day fetuses and of placentas in comparison with the same parameters of usual normal fetuses. The survival of fetuses was not disturbed. In case of BMC transplantation during placentation at 11, 12 days of pregnancy the weight of fetuses and survival of fetuses was significantly decreased and the weight of placentas was increased.

Conclusions: Results of BMC transplantation depends on the stage of rat pregnancy. The increase of the weight of fetuses after BMC transplantation within gastrulation may be explained by positive paracrine effects of allogenic transplanted cells on the size of decidua and in turn on the growth of fetuses and placentas or by transplanted cells itself. The transplantation of BMC at 11, 12 day of pregnancy during placentation decrease the weight of fetuses at 18th day of pregnancy and increase the weight of placentas. The possibility to regulate a weight of fetuses by allogenic BMC transplantation at gastrulation is important results for stem cell therapy of fetuses.