Журнал клеточной науки и терапии

Журнал клеточной науки и терапии
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ISSN: 2157-7013


Can Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Outcome be Improved by Intravenous Apoptotic Cell Infusion?

Philippe Saas, Béatrice Gaugler and Sylvain Perruche

Cell-based therapy approaches have been shown to improve allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (AHCT) outcome by reducing its severe toxic side effects, including graft rejection, acute and chronic graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) or delayed/ impaired immune reconstitution. Here, we discuss the use of intravenous apoptotic leukocyte infusion to improve AHCT outcome. In experimental AHCT models, we demonstrated that intravenous apoptotic leukocyte infusion, simultaneously to allogeneic bone marrow grafts, favors hematopoietic engraftment, prevents allo-immunization and delays acute GvHD onset. Here, we review the different mechanisms and the potential beneficial effects associated with the immunomodulatory properties of apoptotic cells in the AHCT setting.