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Журнал клеточной науки и терапии
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Cervicofacial Lifting for Madelung’s Disease: Short Review and Our Surgical Approach

Giovanni Miotti*, Contessi Negrini F, Pisano G, Zanin C, Parodi PC

Madelung’s Disease (MD) is a rare syndrome characterized by the presence of non-capsulated fatty deposits symmetrically located in the body. Various treatments have been proposed during years, but only surgical treatment seems to be the only disease modifying possibility. Surgical options are lipectomy, first treatment described, and liposuction. Due to the nature of the disease, both techniques are burdened by a high relapse rate, and there is no consensus about which is the best one. Moreover, when surgical excision is performed, un-aesthetical scars can occur, and patients can be not satisfied. Cervicofacial district is one of the most involved body areas by Madelung’s disease, for this reason, aesthetic approaches like Rhytidectomy can help surgeons to reach the best aesthetical result as possible.

Starting from a clinical case treated in our Department, we made a short review of the available literature to identify the more appropriate approach to reach the most satisfying result.