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ISSN: 2168-9849


Chemotaxonomic Characterization and Chemical Similarity of Solanaceae Subfamilies Based on Ornithine Derivatives

Aline GS Pigatto, Lilian A Mentz and Geraldo LG Soares

In the present study, the database on ornithine-derived alkaloids was elaborated in order to verify the chemical profile and the chemical similarity of the subfamilies of Solanaceae. Overall, 1513 occurrences were recorded at five subfamilies. The most commonly occurring compounds were tropane alkaloids (NO=927), followed by nicotinoids (NO=353); simple pyrrolidines (NO=133), and, finally, calystegines (NO=100). The greatest number of occurrences of these substances was recorded in Solanoideae and Nicotianoideae, which together accounted for 95% of occurrences of the four groups of substances studied. Petunioideae characterized by the presence of tropane alkaloids, simple pyrrolidines and calystegines in Schizanthoideae were observed instances of simple pyrrolidines and tropane alkaloids and in the presence of only Cestroideae nicotinoids. Similarity analysis based on the Dice coefficient suggests that the chemical profile of subfamilies Solanaceae correlated with the current classification. The similarity dendrogram showed great similarity between chemical and Solanoideae Nicotianoideae and those with Petunioide. Schizanthoideae appeared somewhat similar to these subfamilies while Cestroideae appeared dissimilar to the others.