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Chronic Pain Impact Factors: A Review of the Different Aspects of Chronic Non Cancer Pain

Fatemeh Arbabi*

Aim and objective: The aim of this study was to examine the impact of a possible relationship between self-efficacy, symptom severity, pain intensity, depression, anxiety and catastrophizing on health related quality of life among chronic pain patients.

Background: Chronic pain (CP) is a universal medical problem. A concerning number of individuals experience and live with different types of physical chronic pain diseases. CP alters the lives of suffering individuals in various ways. Specially, in regard to experience of health related quality of life post diagnosis.

Findings: This research has discovered that, current treatment methods are insufficient, patients are unsatisfied with the current medical techniques, and that the GPs and PCPs are not perceived to be great at treating chronic pain diseases.

Methods: A theoretical review alongside the implementation of a small exemplary pilot study that was mainly undertaken to help confirm the results that were collected via review of literature. The data presented in the pilot
study are drawn from purposive sampling and structured survey questionnaires. The participants were asked to explain about the potential challenges and limitations that having to live with chronic pain has created for them.

Participants of the pilot study: Thirty adults (>18 years) diagnosed and currently living with various kinds of chronic physical non-cancer pain in various parts of the world.

Conclusion: CP is a major health problem impacting the suffering individuals as well as their loved ones. Whys and wherefores surrounding the topic of chronic pain diseases are truly concerning and require more research.