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ISSN: 2332-0915


Contributions of Anthropology in Bringing Forth Local Perspectives andChallenges in Development Processes

Sabiha Yeasmin Rosy

Development can be considered as one the most researched and analyzed issue. Development is a multidimensional phenomenon that includes political, social, economic, psychological, physical and intellectual progress without any domination and discrimination. Anthropologists’ realized the need to get involved in development paradigm as all the development oriented programs were failing. To find out the reason, anthropologists have brought the local perspectives in development to make development initiatives successful. Anthropologists tend to question the Western dominance that imposes development policies over Third World without understanding the need of the people. This article also depicts the challenges of development theories to understand the crisis from various perspectives, particularly modernization, capitalism, globalization theory and feminist post colonial views. These theories can be correlated with anthropological understanding to critique development process for continuous Western dominance and for giving less concern to local needs. However, development initiatives can bring effective change if the need of the people is properly heard or indigenous knowledge is used in development projects