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ISSN: 2167-0250


Cytokines-Regulated Glycolytic Metabolism in Sertoli Cells: A Mini Review

Ying Xu, Wenhui Su

During spermatogenesis, germ cells cross a series of differentiation stages. Germ cells at each stage are provided with suitable metabolic substrates. The Sertoli Cell (SC) is commonly known as the main energy and nutritional supporter of the developing germ cells. SCs produce lactate, the central energy substrates for germ cells, and several other important nutrients via a glycolytic metabolism comparable to tumor cells. The maintenance of normal spermatogenesis is highly dependent on the tight regulation of SC glycolytic metabolism. Cytokines are widely reported as main factors responsible for the modulation of SC glycolytic metabolism. Herein, we review the impact and regulatory mechanism of cytokines on the glycolytic metabolism of SCs, with special focus on IL-1, TNF-α, HIF, bFGF and TGF-β