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ISSN: 2161-0665


Disk Batteries: A Danger to Children

Omid Amanollahi and Behzad Ebrahimi

Background: The common use of disk batteries in recent years and their growing use in household appliances and electrical tools, especially the toy, and their accidental swallowing by children has become a real danger for them, the present study was design for acquiring the new strategies to prevent and reduce disk battery swallowing and complications.

Methods: 43 children (31 girls and 12 boy), age between,10 months to 4 year ,who admitted because of disk battery swallowing, followed up between April 2009 to April 2012 in pediatric surgery center.

Results: 28 children removed and defecate batteries spontaneously without any intervension, 11 children underwent endoscopic attempt to remove batteries and 4 cases resulted in surgical removal.

Conclusion: It seems attraction of disk battery swallowing for children relates to its shape and size and easy availability with changing these factors, this potential danger for children can be reduced.