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Педиатрия и терапия
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ISSN: 2161-0665


Early Use of Vojta Therapy in Children with Postural Asymmetry, at Risk of Hip Dysplasia

Artur Edward Polczyk

Hip dislocation occurs in 1.5% of new-born babies. Symptoms of dysplastic hip are often connected with infant’s asymmetrical body posture, psychomotor delay and muscular tone dysfunction. Orthopedic supplies improve the positioning of the femur head in acetabulum but do not solve or even make worse the asymmetry, support functions and muscle tonus problems. This study presents 3 different cases of patients with such symptoms which has the Vaclav Vojta neurophysiological stimulation as based or supplemental treatment. The results are supported by ultrasonographic studies and evaluation of the spontaneous motility of the child in subsequent weeks of treatment. The use of the Vojta method is a helpful complement to the treatment of dislocated, unstable and dysplastic hips.