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ISSN: 2167-0250


Effect of Hydromethanolic Seed Extract of Garcinia kola on Male Reproductive Hormones

Tamunotonye Harry*

Reproduction is central to the continued existence of mankind on earth, while infertility presents both a social and a public health concern, with male factor infertility present in 20%-50% of all cases of infertility among couples. As part of the solution for male fertility disorders, drugs including those that are plant based are being employed to address such issues. Hence, this study was focused on the effect of the administration of hydro-methanol seed extract of G. kola on the reproductive hormone of adult male wistar rats. The plant material was procured, identified, and extracted while a total of 36 adult male rats were procured and distributed equally into three groups which were subdivided into two. Animals in group 1 served as the control while groups 2 and 3 served as the extract-treated groups which received 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg BW of the extract respectively. Those in subgroups A and B were treated for 14 days and 30 days respectively after which the animals were sacrificed and the blood collected via cardiac puncture into the appropriate bottles for hormonal profile assay. The result showed that the administration of the extract resulted in a reduction in the level of FSH and LH but increased the level of testosterone, with a significant increase recorded in the 200 mg/kg group, while the level of prolactin was increased in the 100 mg/kg group but decreased in the 200 mg/kg group. Hence, Garcinia kola might not be the best solution to aid fertility in males.