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Effectivity of Flunarizine in Controlling Acidosis Induced Headache

Sagarika Datta

In my previous case report, I mentioned about the connection between metabolic acidosis and other diseases.
Headache is one of the diseases mentioned in a female patient. For the patient, it was observed that acidosis is the
indicator. Acidosis takes place first.
There can be many reasons for metabolic acidosis.
For this patient it was seen that, food is the trigger, with consistent misbalance in pH level in body it exhibits many
Symptoms like
Optical swelling.
Shortness of breath.
Altered mental status such as severe anxiety due to hypoxia.
Abdominal pain.
Altered appetite and weight gain.
Muscle weakness, bone pain, and joint pain.
In acidosis the arterial carbon dioxide tension increases, and it can cross the blood-brain barrier and changes
extravascular pH, Headache is trigger.
Patient was treated with Pregabalin, Amitriptyline and Duloxetine combination.
Frequency of headache was less but it was not stopped. Then patient was treated with CGRP receptor blocker
subcutaneous injection but was not able to get rid of the throbbing head pain.
All the above medicines did not fully work because the type of headache may not be migraine.
On using Flunarizine (Sibelium 10 mg) the headache was stopped on second day of medicine taking. It helped in
reducing allergy-like symptoms too.
The calcium channel blocking property of Flunarizine may work in migraine but the other property of Flunarizine,
controlling carbon dioxide tension in CNS, works in acidosis induced headache, greatly. So, the below properties of
Flunarizine work in controlling headache,
Calcium channel blocking, thus controlling neurotransmitter release.
Controlling carbon dioxide tension in CNS.
Controlling histamine to function.
Controlling mast cell degranulation.
The effectivity of Flunarizine in controlling acidosis related headache is well proved.