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Efficacy of Psychotherapy for Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in People with Primary Brain Tumours: A Protocol for a Systematic Review

Leslie St Jacquesa, Aristotelis Kalyvasa, Tejan Baldehb, Maureen Danielsd, Lawrence Mbuagbaw

Background: Emotional distress, anxiety and depression are commonly experienced following diagnosis and initial treatment of a primary brain tumour. There is uncertainty regarding the merits of psychotherapy interventions to improve well-being and decrease distress, anxiety, and depression symptoms in adults with primary brain tumours in the year following diagnosis or a recurrence. Our objective is to summarize the evidence on psychotherapy interventions to decrease distress, anxiety and depression symptoms and increase well-being in people with primary brain tumours.

Methods: We will search MEDLINE; EMBASE; PsychINFO; PsychEXTRA; Health and Psychosocial instruments (HPI); and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL) from 2000 to present, to identify randomized trials of psychotherapy interventions to decrease distress, anxiety, or depression symptoms and improve the well-being and emotional and psychosocial health of the patients with a primary brain tumor. The review will be confined to studies including adults with primary brain tumours. Screening, data extraction, and assessment of risk of bias and certainty of evidence will be performed in duplicate. Data will be pooled statistically were possible.

Results: We developed a protocol for a systematic review assessing the effect of psychotherapy interventions on psychological health outcomes in adults with primary brain tumours in the year following diagnosis or recurrence.

Conclusion: We hope that this review will guide psychotherapy recommendations for patient with brain tumour.

Registration number and registry name: The International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO) database (registration number: CRD42021234789).

Strengths and limitations: The effect of psychotherapy in people with primary brain tumours has not been addressed by current evidence. Methods used in psychotherapy have developed considerably in recent years making this a very timely protocol. We will use a comprehensive and exhaustive search strategy to identify relevant articles. This systematic review protocol follows the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocols guideline. Evidence from non-randomized studies will not be included.