Журнал химической инженерии и технологических процессов

Журнал химической инженерии и технологических процессов
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ISSN: 2157-7048


Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility

Mohammed Saleh Al Salameh

The world is full of electronic and electrical equipment, in addition to many structures that involve electrical and electronic components such as airplanes, cars, tanks, and weapons. It is of primary importance that these devices operate in harmony such that no equipment interferes with or affects the operation of other equipment. In order to eliminate interference, electromagnetic compatibility is essential. Various countries all over the world have adopted regulations that enforce the manufacturers to adhere to minimum levels of emissions from their equipment. Every product should be tested for compliance with the relevant EMC regulations before being offered for sale. Thus, manufacturers should consider EMC principles during the design stage of a product in order to reduce expenses and to improve the marketability of the product. This paper addresses all these issues.