Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения

Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения
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ISSN: 2375-4397


Environmental Risks from Pollution and Climate Change: An Updated Review

Megha Gandhi*

Climate change expected for the next century could occur in an ecosystem already stressed by UV-B amplification, air pollution, and rising nutrient fluxes. We investigated the relationships among these many environmental challenges by focusing on specific habitats, temperate zone forests, freshwater lakes, and estuaries. The increase in oxidant levels across the lower atmosphere and hydrosphere is a significant chemical consequence of atmospheric change. These changes may result in net nutrient transfer from land to coastal ocean, resulting in forest degradation and coastal eutrophication. Local adjustments may already be occurring, but the synergistic nature of the pressures threatens to speed up the process over the next few decades. Aside from any direct effects of climate change, the worsening of current environmental problems is a significant indirect effect.