Внутренняя медицина: открытый доступ

Внутренняя медицина: открытый доступ
Открытый доступ

ISSN: 2165-8048


Estimated Direct Costs of Patients Hospitalized for Severe Acute Respiratory Illness in the Mexican Social Security Institute. Winter Season, 2013-2014

David Alejandro Cabrera-Gaytán, Aurora Flory Aguilar-Pérez, Alfredo Vargas-Valerio and Concepción Grajales-Muñiz

Objective: To estimate the direct cost in patients hospitalized for severe acute respiratory infection, 2013-2014 winter season.

Material and methods: We analyzed data on all hospitalizations with severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) and laboratory-confirmed influenza and the days of hospital stay per patient were determined, according to the level of medical care; so the cost bed/day unit cost of 1) was added a query emergency, 2) a survey of basic clinical laboratory, 3) a chest radiograph, 4) antiviral treatment and 5) confirmatory laboratory diagnosis; by a rising cost of illness approach. Costs were converted to U.S. dollars.

Results: 13,242 cases were reported, of which 3,214 were excluded and removed, the universe of study was 10,028 inpatients. The costs in secondary care were $874,848,088 (US$66,608,910), while in third level was $37,435,173 (US$2,850,227), making the total cost was $912,283,262 (US$69,459,137). By delegation, there was heterogeneity in costs and days stay.

Conclusions: It essential to establish appropriate preventive interventions and perform a comprehensive patient care.