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Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Utilization of Partograph by Nurses/ Midwives in Primary/Secondary Health Facilities in Enugu Metropolis

Nwaneri A, Ndie EC*, Ehiemere I, Okafor E, Ezenduka PO, Emeh A

This study aimed at evaluating factors that impede utilization and those that promote the utilization partograph by nurses/midwives in monitoring labour in primary/secondary health facilities in Enugu metropolis. Seven health facilities were selected using convenience sampling method. One hundred and twenty six nurses/midwives were used while self- structured questionnaire was used as instrument of data collection. The findings of this study revealed that majority of the nurses/ midwives face a lot of challenges in utilizing the partograph. Some of the major factors that impede the utilization include lack of knowledge of the partograph 68(54%) and inability to interpret findings correctly after assessment with the partograph (73.8%). The major factors that can promote the utilization of partograph include provision of necessary resources such as observation tools (83.3%) like sphygmomanometer, fetoscope and provision of partograph charts in the labour wards (69%). It was concluded that the major factors in the nurses/ midwives that impede the utilization of partograph includes lack of knowledge, inability to interpret findings correctly after assessment with the partograph and that partograph is an additional time consuming task for the inadequate staff. It is recommended that all nurses/ midwives should work towards self-development through education to increase knowledge and skill on partograph use. Management should stand up for their responsibility to encourage and sponsor seminars/workshops as well as conferences on partograph use for quality client care.