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ISSN: 2165-7890


Evolution and Preliminary Testing of a Hyperoxic Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Peterson RE and Allen MW

The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) comprises a range of developmental disabilities, the established prevalence of which has been increasing globally. Despite decades of research, however, ASD is still not well understood and a generally accepted intervention or group of interventions which consistently and comprehensively address the spectrum of needs has not yet been identified or developed. Thus, in seeking a solution to their children's conditions, some parents have felt compelled to try complementary and alternative medical treatments.
One such intervention that has attracted some advocates is off-label hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In examining the data for this application, we were struck by the wide range of oxygen partial pressures reported to have benefit and the fact that many could be easily provided at normobaric pressure. As we knew of no reason for the use of increased pressure in treating ASD with hyperoxic therapy, we determined to find out if benefits could be obtained from such treatments at normal atmospheric pressure.
A pilot study with five cases involving preteens and teenagers with autism was conducted using a normobaric form of hyperoxic treatment we have called Microbaric® Oxygen Therapy (MBO2). All five cases benefitted, three remarkably so. Improvements were across the full range of symptoms of autism, and no regression was reported on cessation of treatment or during follow up for as long as six years. Thus, it appears that the outcomes of MBO2 for autism are permanent. As a consequence of this pilot study, it would seem imperative to conduct controlled research to confirm our findings. Should similar outcomes be obtained, then MBO2 would offer a new, cost-effective, and time efficient way forward as a stand-alone therapy or as an adjunct to other therapies in the treatment of autism.