Журнал фармакологических отчетов

Журнал фармакологических отчетов
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Extremely Rare Large Intragastric Foreign Body:A Case Report

Jie Lu*, Wen Bao

In recent years, with the continuous maturation of gastrointestinal endoscopy technology, endoscopic treatment has become the method of choice for foreign body removal. In this paper, we share a rare case of a 63-year-old patient with schizophrenia who ingested a large amount of foreign body of approximately 1 kg. Its rarity is strongly related to the patient's psychiatric disease and presents some challenges to the endoscopic procedure. When the number of foreign bodies is huge, how to remove them accurately and quickly is a critical problem to be solved. This case illustrates different endoscopic techniques that can be used to remove different foreign bodies with different sizes and textures, aiming to provide some practical advice for endoscopists on how to proceed.