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Factors Affecting Marital Satisfaction among Chinese Newlyweds

Honghong Xu

Objective: To explore the correlations among personal traits, marital interaction and marital satisfaction.
Methods: NEO-FFI, Coping style scale, MLOC, Marital Commitment Scale, Interpersonal Problem Solving Inventory and Locke-Wallace marital adjustment Test were used among 370 Chinese newlyweds.
Results: The cross section survey showed that, the neuroticism, external locus of control of marriage, was significantly negatively correlated with marital satisfaction; the openness, internal locus of control, positive coping, marital commitment, Interpersonal Problem Solving, is significantly positively correlated with marital satisfaction; commitment, interpersonal problem solving and openness could predict the marital satisfaction.
Conclusion: Enhancing the level of marital commitment, changing the negative attributions into positive, solving problems positively by using dyadic adjustment and constructive communication would be helpful to marital success.