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Педиатрия и терапия
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ISSN: 2161-0665


False Latex Allergy and Allergy Work-up in a Child Undergoing General Anesthesia

Silvia Caimmi ,Davide Caimmi *,Simonetta Mencherini ,Mara De Amici ,Gian L Marseglia

Perioperative immediate hypersensitivity reactions represent rare but not negligible complications during surgery, even in a pediatric environment. Latex is the first cause of hypersensitivity reactions during anesthesia in children. We present the case of a 10 years old asthmatic boy who was labeled as allergic to latex, after an anaphylactic shock occurring right after a general anesthesia. A proper allergy work-up allowed us to rule out such a diagnosis and to precisely advise the anesthesiologist and the surgical team on how to perform a safe intervention on this patient.