Птицеводство, рыболовство и науки о дикой природе

Птицеводство, рыболовство и науки о дикой природе
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ISSN: 2375-446X


Farming Thunnus thynnus in Mediterranean Sea: Is an Illusion?

Monique Mancuso*

Thunnus thynnus is one of the most popular species in the world. Tuna fishing is an economic activity of prime importance and a booming business. The reproduction control in captivity represents the first step for the production of Tuna in captivity. Tuna, thanks to its palatability, would be an excellent candidate for aquaculture, but unfortunately the current knowledge and especially with organic and physiological limitations of the species, especially related to reproduction and a suitable diet, does not allow us to consider it at the moment as a can especially innovative.