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Журнал клеточной науки и терапии
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ISSN: 2157-7013


Gene Therapy in Rodents Models of Traumatic Peripheral Nerve Injury

Julia Teixeira Oliveira, Fatima Rosalina Pereira Lopes, Fernanda Martins de Almeida and Ana Maria Blanco Martinez

Although the peripheral nervous system has an inherent capacity for regeneration, injuries to nerves still result in considerable disabilities. The persistence of these disabilities along with the problem of nerve reconstruction has motivated neuroscientists worldwide to seek additional therapeutic strategies. Here we discuss the nerve trauma problem in terms of its molecular aspects and clinical implications with particular emphasis on the current strategies using gene therapy. Experimental models of nerve lesions have been developed for the study of the mechanisms underlying nerve degeneration and regeneration. Transection and crush lesions in rodents have been extensively used for this purpose, giving insights into human nerve regeneration process and also contributing to advancements in the nerve repair field. In recent years, gene-based therapy has emerged as a promising therapeutic tool. This review focuses on the gene therapy currently used on rodent models of nerve injuries for optimizing regeneration, its advantages and pitfalls. Identifying feasible gene delivery systems in basic and pre-clinical trials will hopefully facilitate the translation potential of gene-based therapy into the clinical setting.