Журнал геологии и геофизики

Журнал геологии и геофизики
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ISSN: 2381-8719


Geology and Structure Analysis of Palanpur-Danta Area, North Gujarat Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Abiad Musa* and Shah RD

In this research paper, The GIS and remote sensing data for allowing detection of structural features, such as faults, offers opportunities to improve, mapping and identifying the areas that are likely to be locations of faulting. Faults are weakness zones in the brittle part of the lithosphere, along which the movement can take place in response to an induced stresses. When faults undergo displacement, depending on geological and structural conditions, strain markers could be formed on the fault surface. Computer technology, such as computer-based geographic information system (GIS), supplies a different method for data storage, integration, analysis, and display. The combination of remote sensing and GIS provides an optimum system for various geological investigations such as fault mapping.