Эндокринология и метаболический синдром

Эндокринология и метаболический синдром
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ISSN: 2161-1017


Glycemic Index of Traditional Foods in Northern Sri Lanka

Pirasath S

Glycemic Index (GI) is the measure of increase in blood glucose level after intake of food rich in carbohydrate related to glucose. There are many research projects have been carried out in several countries. There were no studies conducted for analyzing GI of Northern traditional food items in Sri Lanka. This study was aimed to determine the GI values of our traditional foods alone and mixed meals. When dietary advices are given to diabetic and coronary heart disease patients, not only the basic foods have to be considered but also the slide dishes to be consumed. Consumption of food containing fiber diet will significantly reduce the rise in blood sugar level. However recommendation of the foods should be made after analyzing the glycemic index, glycemic load and energy contents of the foods. Lower GI diets are better choices for the diabetes and coronary heart disease patients. Further studies have to be carried out on the pre-diabetes and diabetes. This study will be useful to Physicians and public to decide on the consumption of fruits particularly by the diabetic and coronary heart disease patients in Sri Lanka.