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How Do I Perform Temporary Occlusion of the Uterine Arteries During Laparoscopic Myomectomy?

Rafael Luis dos Santos Martin, Monica Tessmann Zomer, Renata Hayashi, Reitan Ribeiro and William Kondo

Myomectomy is been considered a treatment of choice for women with uterine leiomyomas who desire a safe pregnancy or wish to maintain their fertility. Depending on the uterine location and size of the leiomyomas, the surgical procedure may be conducted by hysteroscopy, laparotomy or laparoscopy/robotics. In some situations, laparoscopic myomectomy may be a challenging procedure especially because of the potential risk of bleeding. In this paper, the authors describe in detail the surgical steps of the temporary occlusion of the uterine artery in the beginning of the laparoscopic myomectomy in order to minimize the intraoperative blood loss.