Журнал клеточной науки и терапии

Журнал клеточной науки и терапии
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ISSN: 2157-7013


Immediate Expander Implantation Following Simple Mastectomy of a Seven Kilograms Giant Phyllodes Tumor

Qiannan Zhu, Tiansong Xia, Lijun Ling, Jingping Shi and Shui Wang

We report a case of a 45-year-old Chinese-American woman with a giant phyllodes tumor measuring 29×27×22 cm. The patient relied on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and physical massage for more than one year before surgery. A simple mastectomy with immediate expander implantation was performed. During the surgery, a suspicious lymph node was found which might be related to breast massage. We kept superior and inferior skin flaps to cover the skin defect and reconstruct a breast shape one-stage operation.