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Impact of Unemployment on the Mental Health of Youth in the Kashmir Valley

Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat1*, Dr. Jyotsna Joshi2

Aim: The current study was carried out to investigate the Mental Health level of the employed and unemployed youth of Kashmir.

Material and methods: MH-38 inventory was used to evaluate mental health status of subjects. The sample consisted of 200 respondents; of these 100 were employed and 100 unemployed were taken into consideration. The effect of experimental variable was study on one criterion variable (Mental Health). For data analysis Mean, S.D. and t-test were applied.

Results: The findings of the study showed that the two groups significantly differed on all the sub scales of mental health. Unemployed showed higher level of anxiety, depression, and loss of behavioural/emotional control, psychological distress, and have showed lower levels of life satisfaction and psychological well-being scores in comparison with employed group.

Conclusion: In the present study it was found that unemployed youth are more prone to mental health disorders and health related issues. Unemployed have higher level of psychological distress as compared to their counterparts.