Внутренняя медицина: открытый доступ

Внутренняя медицина: открытый доступ
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ISSN: 2165-8048


Independent Association of 9p21 Locus and Sub clinical Atherosclerosis

Yanan Wei, Lingxia Chen, Jie Liu and Yide Miao

Methods: 361 Han Chinese elderly in Beijing were included. These subjects underwent the following procedures: (1) Personal medical history and physical examination; (2) Routine blood chemistry and urine analysis; (3) Left ventricular mass index was obtained by echocardiography, and ultrasound evaluation of carotid intima-media thickness. We tested the genotypes of six single nucleotide polymorphisms on chromosome 9p21 (rs2383206, rs10965234, rs10965235, rs10757277, rs10811656 and rs1333047).

Results: For the SNP rs2383206, Genotypes with allele A (AA/AG) was significantly associated with higher CCA IMT (p=0.003). For the SNP rs1075277, Genotypes with allele A (AA/AG) was significantly associated with higher CCA IMT as well (p=0.021). This phenomenon was not observed in ICA IMT and LVH. After adjustment for age, sex, BMI, SBP, DBP, TC, FPG, general linear regression analysis demonstrated that age (?=0.145, p=0.009) and rs1075277 (?=-0.115, p=0.037) were independently associated with CCA IMT. But there was no association between rs2383206 with CCA IMT.

Conclusions: In a cross-sectional study of Han Chinese elderly in Beijing, chromosome 9p21 locus showed a significant association with carotid atherosclerosis, especially CCA IMT. However, there was no association between 9p21and LVH.