Журнал психологии и психотерапии

Журнал психологии и психотерапии
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Indigenous Counseling System of Oromo Community in Ethiopia

Gadaa; General assembly; Indigenous counseling; Modern counseling; Oromo community

Even though the concept of counseling in the modern society and indigenous community vary vibrantly, the purpose of counseling is the same globally. Counseling is a serving approach for individuals ‘within the system’. Oromo as a larger community in Ethiopia, Africa, has its own wisdom and way of living which is not studied well. Accordingly, this study was intended to analyze the efficacy of indigenous counseling approaches ever practiced among Oromo community. Five districts/zones/employing indigenous counseling services in their intervention were covered utilizing purposive sampling. Qualitative study method employing semi-structured interview, observation and focus group discussions were used to gather information. The study result discloses that counseling is the tradition among Oromo community in Ethiopia even if there was no attempt made by higher institutions and the government to incorporate the cultural values of counseling in the education curriculum of the country. The indigenous counseling system was mistreated area prone to alteration from the usual business. Moreover, cultural invasion by alien religious denominations, high intrusion of the dominant ruling classes through times and displacement of the local natives by the pseudo-urbanization has a moribund effect in stunting indigenous counseling systems. The methods employed, techniques and procedures used by indigenous counselors are well organized aided by the rules and regulations of Gada administration enacted on the general assembly (Gumii Gayyoo). Integrating the indigenous counseling system to the education curriculum of the country and adaptation of the modern counseling methods to the level of harmonizing and pertaining to the local community custom was recommended as key component.