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Labia Minora Reduction Patients Symptoms and Satisfaction in Short and Long Term

Leif Messerschmidt and Pernille Ravn

Labia minora reduction has gained more prominence in the recent decade and more women are seeking professional opinions. Unfortunately only a few studies have researched the long-term specificity and functional assessment endpoints. This study was a retrospective questionnaire study where we asked about complications, symptoms, labia sensitivity, influence on sex-life and patient satisfaction. Even though the general patient satisfaction was high, complications such as pain (23%), hematoma (11%) infection (9%) and healing problems (6%) were common. 36% experienced a change in sensitivity; less feeling/ numbness as the main complaint. Sex-life was reported to be better in 59%, while 39% experienced no change. It is important to know about possible complications and changes in sensitivity after reduction of labia minora. It is the responsibility of the consultant to inform women seeking operation in order to facilitate a well-informed decision.