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ISSN: 2161-0932


Lipoleiomyoma of Uterus: Uncommon Incidental Finding

Sanjay Kumar, Shilpa Garg, Parveen Rana, Sonia Hasija, Sant Prakash Kataria and Rajeev Sen

Fatty tumours of the uterus are exceedingly rare. Lipoleiomyoma of the uterus is a rare benign uterine tumour thought to be a variation of leiomyoma. The presence of fatty tissue in the myometrium is anomalous, interpreted as lipomatous degeneration, smooth muscle metaplasia or as a benign tumour called as lipoleiomyoma. Imaging can play an important role in determining the intrauterine location and fatty nature of lipoleiomyomas but most of these are detected by chance pathological findings postoperatively. We report a case of lipoleiomyoma in anterior uterine wall in 66 years old postmenopausal female, who presented with postmenopausal bleeding.