Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения

Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения
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ISSN: 2375-4397


Liquid Wastes Treatment and Disposal in Rwanda

Alice U*, Ming Y, Nestor U, Donath N and Narcisse N

Rwanda country is located in east part of Africa, and its population is about 10 million. Because of the pressure on limited resources produced by growing number population day by day, nowadays Rwanda is facing serious issues related to the environmental protection. The government puts more effort in searching of new rules and strategies of how to sustain the environment. The core of this research is to review a comprehensive picture of liquid wastes and disposal in Rwanda and to make recommendations for their improvement. It is important to note that some Articles set by the good Government will be listed in this review paper. The first part of this work contains introduction, the second part covers specific issues and legal responses, In part three some recommendations are presented and the last section concludes this work.