Международный журнал физической медицины и реабилитации

Международный журнал физической медицины и реабилитации
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ISSN: 2329-9096


Lungs of the Future? Physical Therapy Outcomes Pre and Post Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion Transplantation

Caitlyn Anderson

Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) is a cutting edge and translational organ transplantation (TP) technique by which a previously unsuitable donor lung can have restored circulation and ventilation. Following treatment on the EVLP system which includes a ventilator, perfusate and fluid circuit, oxygenator, and pump, the lung can be re-evaluated and eventually transplanted into a viable patient (pt). EVLP lungs not only have the ability to expand the donor pool but may give high risk pts with end stage lung disease a chance at functional and meaningful life. Physical therapy (PT) intervention has yet to be studied in this pt population in acute or outpatient settings. This case study describes a successful EVLP TP outcome following acute inpatient rehabilitation (IRF).