Гинекология и акушерство

Гинекология и акушерство
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ISSN: 2161-0932


Medical Education in the Global Arena: The Impact of Cross-cultural Learning

Adeline Adwoa Boatin, Amy Stagg and Annekathyrn Goodman

This comprehensive review examines the international literature on global medical education. Specifically, teaching and learning styles, transnational education, and potential challenges that arise with cultural and local differences are evaluated. Global medical education has the potential to serve local needs in resource-limited settings and set international standards for curriculum and accreditation. There are broad differences when comparing teaching styles between countries with a significant narrowing of teaching methods found when examined within a country. Learning styles differ greatly as well, and can be optimized when individual preferences for learning and local cultures are considered. As teachers and learners are increasingly brought together from different cultures, analyzing teaching and learning methods is essential to productive cross cultural medical education.