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Журнал фармакологических отчетов
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NADH and ATP Oscillations in Mitochondria

Taketoshi Hideshima

Oscillations of mitochondrial intermediates were investigated based on the idea that enzymatic oscillatory reactions are caused by the permeation of substrate through membrane. We found that both NADH and ATP oscillate in mitochondria as pyruvate enters with ADP gradually. Similarly, the gradual entry of NAD+ and malate along with ADP also resulted in NADH and ATP oscillations. At the same time, pH oscillations in mitochondria were also observed in both cases. Compared to the model experiments using dialysis membranes, it was found that the oscillatory reaction due to the gradual entry of pyruvate was inherited by both the citric acid cycle and the respiratory chain, ultimately causing ATP oscillation in oxidative phosphorylation. Furthermore, it was found that when NAD+ and malate were used instead of pyruvate, the oscillations of NADH and ATP occurred without going through the citric acid cycle.