Журнал наномедицинских и биотерапевтических открытий

Журнал наномедицинских и биотерапевтических открытий
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ISSN: 2155-983X


Nanotechnology's Impact on Medicine, from Invention to Market Share

Dereje Heywat*

Nanomedicine, a product of the union of nanotechnology and medicine, promises to be beneficial in the fight against unmet medical needs. Numerous international research and commercial initiatives are in place to secure a large market position because the field is acknowledged as a global concern. Nanomedicine is one of those newly developing industries, nonetheless, for which corporate growth strategies have not yet been defined. There are still questions regarding the optimal business model for these organisations and the best growth tactics for them. In order to enter the market effectively, capture a sufficient market share, and create and preserve a competitive, defendable advantage, nanomedicine start-ups made a number of financial and strategic decisions. These decisions are described in this study